Our Service Offerings

Introductory Sale - VOTS $40 per employee per month until 01 November 2019

Virtual Office Tech Services (VOTS) - $40 per employee per month 

It’s lonely out there when the technology you rely on stops working. But it doesn’t have to be! VOTS gives you everything you need to keep your data secure and you going 24/7/365.   One-year commitment required. Billed monthly. 

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Static IP Address

If you work with on-line databases that contain sensitive information, your vendor may require you to have a Static IP address. No problem. Add this to your VOTS subscription and you're ready to go. 

Group Dedicated Static IP Address

If you have multiple people on your team that need access to the same databases, use this instead of the Static IP option to save you money.

Password Manager

We'll set up and manage passwords for your business for $6 per employee per month. No minimum.


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